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VoIP, or voice-over-internet-protocol, is one of the most versatile and important tools in most business arsenals. As a professional VoIP provider, we recognise that there is no single VoIP service that suits every business needs and that different companies use VoIP in different ways.

We aim to be one of the few VoIP service providers that can offer a unique VoIP service for each client, tailoring our work to suit your business perfectly. Business communications are no small matter, and our VoIP solutions are hand-crafted to meet the needs of our countless client companies.

If you are looking for unified communications through the best VoIP service that your business can support, then our expert teams can put together a VoIP system that fulfils all of your requirements. Whether it is dedicated VoIP hardware or unique software, we have the VoIP technology your business needs.

Not only are our VoIP services designed for maximum quality and security, but we also make sure that they perfectly match your business communication needs. When we work with a client, we give them VoIP solutions that they can rely on, no matter their business’ size or scope.

If you want to know any specific details about the VoIP services that we offer, then you can contact our specialists directly to learn more. However, in general, a VoIP service can be a powerful tool for a whole host of different reasons, no matter how you decide to use them.


We offer a number of great VoIP services and are more than happy in assisting you on anything you need more information on.

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Table of Contents

Why You Need VoIP

A VoIP system can sound underwhelming to people who are not familiar with them, but many companies have completely replaced their business phone service with an on-site VoIP system that allows for much more reliable voice (and data) solutions.

Business VoIP solutions can be far more powerful than even the best business phone system, with even a basic VoIP phone service allowing for far more flexibility and customisation. Many VoIP phone services are far more practical than using conventional phone systems.

Not only does VoIP allow for much cheaper video calls and reduced costs overall, but they can be higher-quality than cell phone communication and have numerous unique benefits. Making them part of your unified communications system can open up hundreds of new possibilities.


VoIP services allow for communication on a scale that would not be possible with simple phone calls. An in-house phone system may still have its uses, but relying on a VoIP phone system alternative can dramatically increase your business communication options.

Not only do VoIP calls and messages function very well for remote workers, but they can allow instant contact within an office or between multiple offices. Even a small business can find the prospect of unlimited free internet calls useful and far more reliable than a traditional phone line.

VoIP Costs

A VoIP phone system cost ranges from between £100 and £500 per extension. You will also have to pay ongoing costs such as maintenance and service fees which generally run between £10 and £25 per extension per month.

VoIP is a very cheap alternative to using normal phone service packages, removing the expense of the phone line itself. Businesses with a high-speed internet connection can easily achieve great results by switching to a VoIP service and making it the core of their business communications network.

Low Costs Matter

Not only are costs reduced, but VoIP services allow for a lot more adjustment. Instead of needing new hardware to make slight changes, VoIP can easily be tailored to your needs through new software or tweaks with audio settings, allowing for much greater flexibility.

The low cost of VoIP makes it an incredibly useful option for any business with multiple employees. Not only can you equip each employee with access to a VoIP system, but you do not have to worry about sunk hardware costs if you decide to switch to a different system further down the line.

Some businesses have reduced the overall cost of their communications by 90%, relying almost entirely on a VoIP phone system and only keeping the most essential non-VoIP options.


The majority of desktop and mobile devices can run common VoIP services. Many of the most famous tools even have their own mobile app, making it incredibly easy to install them on any of your office devices and start using them almost straight away.

Usability Matters

Whether you are installing a mobile app or desktop software, we always aim to give you the best VoIP service possible. A large part of getting a good service is being able to use the VoIP option anywhere you need it, and most VoIP tools will run on any major system while also connecting to one another.

This removes the problem of having to download middleman software for translating phone calls into desktop calls or making texts appear as inbox messages. As experienced business VoIP providers, we always make sure that our systems will work together and that they are convenient for your company.


VoIP is far more customizable and flexible than typical phone calls. Re-routing calls, holding video conferencing calls, using virtual numbers, setting up unique caller identifiers or making major changes to the business’ communications system are all very easy and practical things to do.

New Features Matter

For example, you might decide that your company needs a new feature or a new way of approaching video conferencing. Instead of having to set up new physical equipment, you can often download updates and new tools through your internet connection or simply tweak software settings.

This level of flexibility and customisation allows for a lot of specific uses but also makes it very easy to set up a VoIP system on a per-user basis. This means that each employee can tailor it to their needs without causing incompatibilities or opening up potential security vulnerabilities.

As a VoIP provider, we understand how important customisation can be when working on unified communications systems and will always try to achieve the results that our clients want.


Unlimited calling through free VoIP connections can be a lot more stable than using a normal phone system. Having free VoIP connections can help an individual employee contact any other employee with ease, whether they are at their desk or working in another part of the office entirely.

Reliable VoIP Matters

The reliability of a VoIP service comes from the fact that they are heavily based on your own internet connection. As long as your connection is stable and fast enough, you can easily keep 99.9% uptime across all of your working hours.

The more reliable a tool is, the more of a place it has in your business. We want to give our clients tools that they can trust, ones that will not fail the moment a piece of software updates or a new microphone option is used.

Our VoIP options are designed to match the requirements of our clients, and that includes reliability and stability. We aim to make our systems as consistent as possible for maximum uptime and connection reliability.


While you may not realise it at first, VoIP services are a lot easier to fix if something goes wrong. Unlike VoIP, phone systems rely heavily on hardware that can easily break down, and a more modern phone system could also suffer software faults that are not easy to rectify.

Since the best VoIP phone services are installed directly into your office computers or employee mobile devices, they can be repaired easily with only a few quick fixes. You do not need to call in engineers or shut down the VoIP service for the day, and every employee can troubleshoot their own issues.

Being able to access the file structure of the VoIP service has another major benefit – you can adjust options yourself. This can allow all kinds of minor tweaks that will help the software run under different circumstances.

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How to Choose a VoIP System

As professional VoIP providers, we have a deep understanding of what makes the best VoIP phone service for each client. However, unlike some VoIP provider companies, we do not want to force our clients into using a system that does not benefit their business.

It is easy to know the basics of a VoIP solution without diving into the specifics, but it can make a massive difference if you want the best VoIP communication system you can find. Using the right voice and data solutions can completely overhaul the way that your business functions.

Types of VoIP Service

Choosing the right VoIP services for the scale, operational style and purpose of your business can have a major impact on the rest of your work. Not only do VoIP systems matter on a per-user basis, but they can also influence the whole of your business and the way that it all operates.

Computer to Computer

Most VoIP providers can offer a computer-to-computer system, allowing two computers to easily connect across the internet. Having a dedicated VoIP option for this gives you a lot of extra security and allows for plenty of customisation at a per-user level.

We try to tailor our offerings to each client, so we can aim to give you a computer-to-computer system that works with your business’ structure and style. As long as you have a broadband internet connection, this VoIP solution will always be a good starting point.


Computer-to-phone systems allow VoIP users to handle incoming and outgoing calls through both their business computer or business phone (or through a mobile app on their personal mobile phones). This makes it easy to transfer calls from one to the other with ease.

Combining desktop and mobile device options like this can be important for remote workers or small businesses with varying business hours, where one employee may be at home while another is in the middle of their shift or self-planned workday. This kind of communication is very versatile.

Other Systems

Every VoIP solution can be completely different, and some alternative phone systems are unique in ways that make them hard to categorise. Combine this with the fact that businesses may use hybrid systems or customise communication methods, and it becomes tough to list them all.

As high-quality business VoIP providers, we always try to give our clients what they need, and that often means building a set of tools that enable near-unlimited calling in every situation. Every service we offer is tailored to the relevant client, tweaked as much as possible to match their needs.

In the past, you needed a highly specific Private Branch Exchange system on-site to connect phones to a fax machine or certain screens. These days, the same thing can be done through the internet, and it can be rapidly expanded as the business grows.

Practical VoIP Benefits

VoIP has a lot of notable benefits that will immediately become clear once you start using it, such as new techniques or options that typical phone systems donot have. All of them could become a core part of your business VoIP system or your communications system as a whole.

Here are some of the most notable additions and options that using VoIP provider services can bring, either in the workplace or with remote workers.

Internet Connection Functions

VoIP works based on your internet connection. Some people may see this as a problem in case the internet goes out, but the internet is far more reliable than phone lines in serious situations. Not only that, but the internet is far faster, allowing for instant communication in multiple different ways.

If you have high-speed internet and no business software that really uses it, then you might as well look into VoIP to take advantage of the excellent speeds. Not only is it cheaper than calling conventionally, but it can work far better.

Unlimited Calling

While some calls may still cost money depending on your exact VoIP options, VoIP allows for immediate, instant and unlimited calling within the office. Two computers in different offices can also set up video conferencing calls purely through the internet, saving plenty of time and money.

This is a major upside since it puts VoIP in a position where it can replace most other methods of in-office or office-to-office communication. Also there are no limits to how the system can be used, other than the limits of the VoIP software itself.

Call Forwarding

One of the most practical additions you will find in any VoIP toolset is the ability to forward calls. This allows you to re-route calls to any other mobile phone, desktop computer or other devices that exist on the same network.

Example: Redirecting Calls

This kind of call forwarding system makes it easy to manage calls that are spread out across different employees, allowing for per-user forwarding that covers all devices. Thanks to this, your business does not need to have separate communication tools for each major device type or platform.

Something as simple as call forwarding can have a huge range of applications, meaning that it is a worthwhile investment even in small businesses. As a company grows, it becomes more and more useful for directing people to the right employees or experts.

Call Recording

Recording calls can be important for numerous reasons, but it is something that previously could only be done using specialised equipment. The ability to record calls allows them to be used as references in the future, either for customer information or as a log by the employee that received it.

Call recording is easy to set up on a per-user basis, with many tools giving each VoIP user full control over their call recording options. This means that they could set up automatic call recording for audio and video separately, tweaking each option to better suit their needs or workplace requirements.


One of the most often-forgotten features that some VoIP systems offer is voicemail transcription. This would allow an employee to get a voicemail transcription of any voicemails left on their mobile device, keeping a proper reference of it for future use.

While these systems may not be completely perfect, they can allow employees to read voicemails that they currently are not able to listen to. They also act as a rough record of the message itself, which may be useful if the contents need to be passed along in the future.


Alongside calls are messaging options, the equivalent of texts or social media messaging options. These can replace or complement emails very well, allowing for immediate, short-notice communication across all of the best VoIP services without any delays.

Example: Short-Notice Contact

This can fit plenty of common use cases – such as messaging back incoming calls to tell them that you are busy – as well as very niche ones that are specific to your business. However you use them, more messaging options allows for a greater level of flexibility in the workplace.

Messaging, like video conferencing and other non-standard methods of communication, can make a huge difference to certain businesses in key situations. Having the option available is always important if your business is still growing or expanding its focus or even simply taking on new projects.

File Transfers

Both large and small businesses often have to move a lot of data around, and that is not always easy to do. Thankfully, many VoIP systems that offer messaging also have an email-like attachment system, meaning that you can send over small files for instant access by the people you are messaging.

Example: Data Transferring

For small businesses, this can be a major boon. Not only does it increase the speed of moving files around, but it can be far more private than putting it on a shared server or trying to use third-party file transfer methods.

If your company needs more tools to help transfer information and data alongside constant communication, then we, as VoIP service providers, are able to help you find them. Talk to our experts if you need to know more about what we can offer.

Integration with Other Tools

Many VoIP options can be integrated with tools that you may already use in the workplace, giving you an extra set of features or some additional options that you otherwise would not have. Importing information from software like Outlook and Google Contacts makes business VoIP use even easier.

Example: CRM

There are even some ways to handle Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration. Through CRM integration, you could help record customer information and data clearly while still offering the same level of VoIP security, allowing for easier customer service or sales calls.

This kind of integration, whether something as complex as CRM integration or a much more basic option, can really improve the kind of work that you are able to do. We offer a huge range of different tools and systems that can integrate well into your existing workplace.

Digital Replacements

VoIP is a great replacement for outdated or impractical calling features. For example, VoIP can easily replace tools like a standard ‘auto attendant’ system – meaning that employees or customers who call into the business do not need to go down the auto-attendant tree to call somebody. 

Auto-attendant features are just one of many things that can be replaced easily. International calls can be handled with the internet instead of a conventional method, and you could even drop internal phone numbers almost entirely, instead using a per-user caller ID that can make communication quicker.

Replacing existing systems with a more modern digital version does not just make them more reliable but offers up extra customisation or adjustment options. This can also be important if your business is using other, more modern tools that older systems may not be compatible with for long.

Why Choose Us as your VoIP Provider?

Finding a good VoIP service provider makes a huge difference to your business, and we always aim to be the best option that our clients can find. As a professional VoIP provider our company has multiple core focuses and goals that make us a suitable choice for any business.

Our Focuses

As VoIP providers, we have the goal of trying to become the best in our field. Every client requires something uniquely tied to their business, so we do our best to offer a good balance of every possible focus surrounding VoIP. No matter the scale of your business, our experts can help you.


All of our VoIP offerings are built around the idea of connecting your employees, letting them engage with one another across different offices or locations as needed. VoIP needs to be more than just a replacement for a phone system, so we try to offer more than the bare minimum of features.

We have connected many different companies and offices in the past, all of which have benefited from the increased flexibility and control offered by VoIP tools. Many of them have also gone on to request upgrades or improvements as the size and scope of their business has changed.


Quality always comes first, and having a good-quality VoIP option can be a major factor in your day-to-day operations. As a VoIP provider, we always try to give clients a set of tools that elevate their business, improving their communication or coordination across the entire office.

Function over Form

We put quality above anything else – there would be no point giving a client VoIP systems that barely function. Our work is heavily focused on giving you what you need while also making it good, no matter how much work that might take for us to achieve.


When we offer VoIP systems to a client, we give them something that they can rely on. For example, if you desperately need video conferencing options, then we will provide a VoIP setup that allows for constant video conferencing without issues.

The more consistent we can make your chosen VoIP solutions, the more benefit you will get out of them. It also gives us more options for expanding your VoIP usage, later on, helping you set up new pieces of hardware or software that you might need.


As a VoIP service provider, we would be making a big mistake if we did not support our clients. Whether you run into large-scale issues or per-user problems, we try to offer as much support as we can when it comes to these unified communications systems.


We are a VoIP provider company, but we do not simply dump a basic VoIP option on our clients and leave them to handle the hard work. We care about our clients and will work with them to get the best possible results – whether they are a small business or a multi-national franchise.


Your VoIP structure needs to grow with your business. Our goal of being the best VoIP provider in our field means that we are prepared to help you integrate new hardware and software into the system whenever you need to make a change or addition.


You never know how your VoIP usage may change over time, so having a decent starting point is important. We have helped multiple clients expand their existing VoIP structures as their business has continued to grow.


We can also make sure that you are going to get the best possible VoIP setup for your current needs, even if that means constantly upgrading the current structure to include new technology and tools. The more in-depth your VoIP options are, the more you can tailor them to your requirements.

Where We Can Help

Our well-trained VoIP providers are experts capable of helping any business, no matter their niche wants or requirements. We can work with any kind of company, but before you jump into VoIP, it is a good idea to understand what kind of problems it can (and has) solved with our past clients.

We have worked with countless companies that have needed our expertise, and we aim to make sure that every customer walks away satisfied with their new communication arrangements. Here are a few situations where we, as VoIP providers, can make a difference.

Call Centers

Contact centre solutions can often be difficult for the call center managers to work out since they need to have consistent hardware for a huge number of different employees that all require phone numbers, desks, isolated workspaces, and the ability to call without overlapping one another.

VoIP can either replace or supplement the infrastructure of existing call centers very well. Not only do they allow communication between employees and management without needing to leave the desk, but they can be used in calls themselves, such as through the CRM integration mentioned earlier.

Financial Services

Security and data handling are important in any financially-focused business. Relying on VoIP allows for more control and communication across different offices, as well as fact-checking through call recordings and transcripts. 

Tying it into a fax machine can also open up the option of printing information directly, making it easier than ever to send across a physical document from your phone while also keeping a record of any responses given.


Healthcare is one industry where calls can be extremely urgent, sometimes with a literal life on the line. Using VoIP to direct calls to the right person at the right time has saved lives, but even in mundane situations, it can make the experience much easier for both sides of the call.

The healthcare industry also has a lot of departments spread out across different offices, so transferring each call to the right place can be time-consuming without VoIP assistance to handle the harder parts of the process.


The hospitality industry often gets a lot of customer calls, as well as high customer interaction in general. VoIP makes it much easier for those interactions to be managed well, such as directing complaints or queries to the right departments almost instantly.

We have helped a number of companies reach excellent customer service standards purely by doing our job as good VoIP providers – the VoIP software and hardware itself was just the tool needed to reach that kind of quality.


The e-commerce industry is very reliant on digital technology, so having a custom-made system that uses VoIP tools can allow for much faster customer responses and general reputation management. It also means that you do not have to give out a real phone number to get customer calls.

This can work well for small or solo businesses, where the owner can feel overwhelmed easily, as well as larger businesses that have a wider customer base. Even a few minutes saved on handling customer contact every day can mean a lot in the long run.


Marketing agencies and companies are the perfect places for VoIP to take hold, considering that those industries are heavily based on customer communication. A client could need to be in regular contact with specific people throughout the agency, so having a good communication method is vital.

It can also help when contacting others on behalf of a client to try and get new marketing opportunities. Proper usage of VoIP can improve outgoing calls as well as your ability to handle incoming ones.

At VoIP Providers, we can assist you on the best options available. Make sure you contact us today for a number of great VoIP services.

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What We Can Offer

Our VoIP-based services are not just about the businesses but the systems themselves. The kind of system that you end up choosing can completely alter the way that your business ends up managing itself or the kinds of goals that you can aim for in the near future.

All of our VoIP offerings are tailor-made to suit each client, so if you need anything highly specific, you can contact our expert staff to let us know. Even the smallest of niches can see growth and improvement with a very straightforward VoIP-based addition.

Conventional Calls

VoIP can almost completely replace conventional calling in numerous different ways, giving you far more options and flexibility without creating the problem of needing more hardware to sustain it. Many VoIP systems are simply better than a phone call, no matter the situation.

There are some businesses that have almost completely replaced their usual phone system, relying on VoIP to do almost all of the contact work. If you want your business to reach this point as well, then we can help you get there with only a few small tweaks and some new VoIP software.

In-Office Calling

We can ensure that your employees will be able to stay in constant contact while in the office, calling one another or sending instant messages that can keep them up-to-date on vital information. We can also make sure that this system ties into your current hardware and software, regardless of scale.

Even a tiny business can benefit from having this kind of system, and we are more than willing to put together a system that will work with the current size of your business. If your company grows, then we can make your VoIP options grow with it.

Office-to-Office Calls

Calls between remote or distant offices can be as important as in-office calls, perhaps even more so. Our VoIP options offer ways to get much faster, more reliable calls between offices, no matter where they are in relation to one another.

The more offices a company operates, the harder it can be for them to connect, so having one consistent VoIP solution massively reduces the stress of making it all work. This also means that any errors or mistakes can be rectified quite easily, either by you or by some of our experts.

Device Interconnectivity

Many businesses that rely on phones and desktop systems independently can often struggle to make them work together, meaning that employees have to rely on multiple platforms or tools just to contact one another consistently.

We can create VoIP systems that are able to integrate each device into the others, making one unified communications system that does not rely on details like phone numbers to operate correctly.

Better Security

VoIP is like any other communication system, but with the added benefit of having far more control over the information that goes in and out. This can lead to increased security options, especially if the VoIP is combined with conventional internet security and antivirus software.

By having the option of recording conversations and re-routing them at will, it also means that you can keep logs of anything that may be potentially dangerous or malicious, such as scam calls. This gives employees a way to review their calls or double-check information at their own pace.

Customer Calls

Incoming calls from customers can often be a big consideration when running any kind of customer-facing business. Being able to receive complaints or queries effectively and then respond to them properly makes a huge difference to how the public will perceive you.

By using a VoIP setup, we can help your business develop a consistent way of answering customer queries well. You can also keep automatic text logs of complaints or pass customers along to the right department with almost no downtime, improving your customer service speed dramatically.

Client Contact

If your business works with specific clients, then you want a way to contact them properly or get contacted by them clearly. VoIP makes meetings and other formal contact options a lot more practical since you can tailor the experience to your needs and requirements with ease.

For example, you can create an audio or video conference whenever you need it, no matter where all the participants are. People can drop in and out as needed, and you can even share visual information with the participants for extra emphasis or clarity.

Emergency Use

One of the more overlooked uses of VoIP is as an emergency messaging option. While phone-based calls are practical, they only work as long as both people are near phones, available, not currently on a call, and actually able to answer the phone in time. This is not always ideal for emergencies.

By using a VoIP network, you can easily send out emergency emails to multiple people in under a minute, alerting them all to a problem and possibly even setting up an urgent call that they can respond to. If they are away from their desk, then they can see the message on their phone apps instead.

This is a very important point to consider since many businesses struggle to react in emergencies – either business-related problems like clients pulling out suddenly or more immediate situations like a fire breaking out in the office. If you are worried about this, then we can prepare your business.

You Need VoIP Services

VoIP is incredibly powerful, offering numerous new features and functions that you simply can’t get with a conventional phone system. Not only does it work well for small businesses with a single office, but larger ones that are scattered across the world, hosting different departments in different places.

Whatever you are looking for, our experts can give you exactly what you need – a tailor-made VoIP setup that can provide all kinds of major benefits to your business.

If you want to know more about what we offer, or simply want to contact us for more information, then get in touch with our helpful, friendly staff. We have a lot of VoIP options on offer and endless ways to customise them: it only takes one call to get started.


How many calls can I make at a time?

Usually its completely reliant on your devices and your users. A typical VoIP phone supports around three simultaneous calls, but obviously that can vary based on the equipment.

Does Microsoft Teams support VoIP phone calls to anyone?

Yes absolutely, you will have to check the device and Microsoft teams compatibility.

Will I lose any business features from landlines if I switch to VoIP?

No, your business will still be able to access a larger number of features, these will all include features your landline already offers.

What is G Suite used for?

G Suite Basic is a group of productivity apps that offers your business professional email, shared calendars, online document editing and storage, video meetings and much more.

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